Ava Lyons

Actress / Musician


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What I’ve Got Going On

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Currently Performing
in Season 3


Jessie Giammati (Lead)

Feature Film


Tykarindom Part 1: Supernaturalites
Greta the Urbanite (Supporting)
in production

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Viola (Lead)
in production

Hattie, Abloom
Lily (Supporting)

Here She Goes
Lisette (Supporting)
just completed


My Bio

Ava began acting and singing at the age of 5 and started learning guitar and keyboard at 7 years old.  She has performed in films, television, commercials, music videos and theater.  Ava has also composed over a dozen of her own songs.  Continuously taking classes, training and attending seminars, Ava looks to perfect her craft each and every day.  She also likes to cook and play soccer and lacrosse.

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